Photography Sessions


More often than not, an engagement session is the first opportunity you will have to work with a professional photographer as a loving couple, showcasing your unique personalities and profound love for each other that you and your family can cherish for years to come.

We strive to capture your distinct love and connection with each other through creative images, unveiling your engagement as the beautiful union it is sure to be.

Our wedding services include a complimentary engagement session, which serves as a great trial run for your big day. These engagement sessions allow you to gain valuable familiarity and confidence in the presence of a professional photographer, ensuring you will feel comfortable and natural being photographed on your wedding day.

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Senior Portraits

You're a model for the day -- an experience like no other
If you are looking for your senior portrait to look like some cookie-cutter, run of the mill snapshot — that’s not us.

We aim to capture this special milestone in your life in an extraordinary and unique way.

We don’t believe in limiting you by a certain number of set “poses.” You aren’t a statue, and you shouldn’t be photographed like that. The session is all about you, so let your personality shine and we will capture beautiful images that truly represent you.

We spared nothing to create the most memorable senior portrait experience out there.

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Portrait photography is all-encompassing.

Whether you need a new corporate or acting headshot, photos for your modeling portfolio, senior or family portraits, or maternity, baby or child photographs, we can do all of that (and more)!

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Bridal Sessions

Creative and impactful bridal portraiture
Weddings are inherently hectic. Embarking on this process requires you simultaneously play an architect, an artist, an engineer, and endless roles besides the blushing bride. Fortunately, we’re here to be the photographer who makes sure you and your loved ones will always remember how lovely you look.

Bridal sessions serve to supplement our base wedding coverage, opening up a whole new facet to the tangible memories we make with you. Thereby, we can focus on impactful images, away from all the added stressors, that show off just how brightly your smile shines. These unique sessions are also an invaluable chance to take your dress for a trial run before you eventually take it for that magical walk down the aisle.

Often a bride’s time in the dress of her dreams is limited to a few short minutes in the bridal salon prior to the actual wedding itself. Our bridal shoots enable you to get a real feel for your gown while simultaneously encapsulating moments that will help you envision you and your partner’s special day.

Generally, as the name implies, bridal sessions are exclusively focused on the bride. But of course, you are more than welcome to bring your partner along to make the experience even more exceptional. These sessions can be added to any wedding collection; however, we also provide all-inclusive options for your convenience. Let us help turn your dream into a reality so you can have your wedding cake and eat it too!

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Wreck the Dress Sessions

Get the most out of your wedding dress
You look stunning in your wedding gown! Why not wear it for a bit longer than a whirlwind few hours and create even more priceless memories?

While this session is named “Wreck the Dress,” by no means do you have to make a mess of your dress. Instead, it offers you the freedom of another session post-ceremony for some extra ‘wow’ after those vows. It’s a chance to experiment with images a bit riskier than we would on your wedding day — posing you on a stone wall, having you lie in a field of flowers — shots that could potentially stain or scuff your dress that we wouldn’t want to risk on the big day!

Or, you can be as fabulously fearless as the beautiful Laura, who jumped right into the ocean at her Dominican Republic destination wedding. The possibilities are endless!

Your partner can absolutely join as well so that the two of you can show off some personality and poses to get the most out of your tuxes, suits, or dresses. Wreck the Dress sessions are a unique opportunity for capturing what’s at the heart of it all — your heart.

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